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Altermind - Follow the easy to understand tutorials or submit your own.

CNET Builder Flashpoint - CNET's monthly column on Flash. Topical articles on a variety of Flash issues.

Figleaf Software - Flash 5 Demos - Open source Fla's. Many good examples of new features in Flash 5 made by Flash programmer Branden J. Hall.

Find Flash Tutorials - Extensive database of Flash tutorials available on the internet.

Flash 5 Step-by-Step Tutorials from Fay Studios - Flash 5 tutorials for beginners and intermediate users with FLAs. Make a movie from start to finish.

The Flash Academy - Tutorials and source code by various flash authours.

Flash Bible - Lots of tutorials, like how to keep track of a counter for scoring purposes in a game, flying text and more.

Flash FAQ - Frequently asked questions (and answers) about Macromedia Flash from Usenet newsgroup alt.macromedia.flash. Also has links to several tutorial sites.

The Flash Guide - Many good Flash tutorials, articles, Flash FAQ, news, forum, and a mailing list.

Flash Tutorials - Features a flash tutorial walkthrough as well as tutorial links and resources for Flash 4 and Flash 5.

Flashcoders Mailing list - Flashcoders is a mailing list focused on providing an online community for programmers working with Macromedia Flash 5

FlashLite - Tutorials, resources, source files, and a classroom to help people of every level learn more about Flash.

Flashmagazine - Tutorials and information on Macromedia's Flash, Adobe LiveMotion, Swift3D, Swish and other Vector based products for the web. Flashmagazine features the people and products that shapes the web to come.

FlashMove Flash Community - The Flash Resource Site for Everyone. Competitions, tutorials, forum, mailing list, vote, links, search engine. A cool Flash community.

FlashSteps - Resources for learning Macromedia Flash for animation, movies, webpages with tutorials, books, articles, message board, tips, chat and links.

FlashZone - Information for Flash designers. Site contains in-depth tutorials, articles and message boards.

Fruitloops and Flashturbation - Experimentation with Flash and movement. An open source source site that offers nothing else but flashturbation.

Grootlicht Interactive Design - Many links to flash tutorials plus some samples files from a Flash developer in the Netherlands

Help 4 Flash - A source to help beginners, intermediate, and advanced flashers to get better. Help 4 flash has tutorials, movie downloads, sounds, forum, and links.

High octane or do flash programmers dream of interactive sheep? - What is it that makes a Flash site really sing? What sets apart the masters from everyone else. This is an article about interactivity and concludes with a case study on Matt

iBoost Flash Tutorials - Basic and intermediate tutorials. Including how to use the Flash editors interface, drawing basics, Flash Onion Skinning, and creating a product catalog with Flash.

Joen's Flash Study - Joen's Flash Study is a new area of the StreamingMediaWorld (SMW), focused entirely on Macromedia Flash 4.

Macromedia Flash - Macromedia's own site on learning how to use their flash product.

Moock - Flash - Tutorials for Flash 4 actionscript, how to use Javascript with Flash and Flash plug-in detection. As well as many other useful Flash development tips.

Naked Software CD guide to Macromedia Flash - Naked Software produces CD guides to software programs, the internet and other stuff.

NPG Flash Design & Flash Experiments - Unique downloadable experiments in Flash 4 and Flash 5. New experiments added fortnightly.

Official Flash Bible Site - is the companion web site to the Flash book series, the Flash Bible. The site features sample chapters, tutorial files, updates and corrections, and links to other Flash resources.

OldSkoolFlash - Flash 4 and Generator 2 resource site. FLA files, Flash tools, techniques and tutorials available for download.

Polar Lights Studios labs - Macromedia Flash tutorials and sources. Free source code and excellent detailed tutorials. Lots of swf's to download

Praystation - Joshua Davis explores relations in Flash programming, featuring advanced tutorials and source fla's. Joshua claims that information architecture should emulate video game design and interaction.

Round World Media - Animated Tutorial on Flash 5 - Use Flash 5 to learn Flash 5. This self-paced tutorial uses animation and narration to guide you through the creation of a humorous interactive e-greeting card that you can publish or send. On one side of the screen you watch the tutorial, while other side, you work in flash.

Swed - Flash source code, open source flash examples that you can use with Flash 4.0

Tutorial on How to use Flash with CGI Scripting - Brief example of how to use CGI with Flash 4. Note that you need to know Java, Action Scripting, and a Scripting Language.

Virtual-FX Flash Tutorials - Flash resources & tutorials. Step by step tutorials, messageboards, FLA and PDF downloads.

Webmonkey - Becoming a Flash 5 Master - In this Flash 5 tutorial, Mike at Webmonkey's teaches you how to animate in a jiffy by running down what tools you need and then showing you how to use them. He stops along the way to cover file optimization, pulldown menus, importing sounds, and the amazing tellTarget action. If you're a beginner, there's plenty here for you to absorb. If you're a seasoned pro, then let Mike take you back to school you for a few tricks to help make your final Flash projects cleaner and meaner.

Zinc Roe Design - Advanced Flash Techniques - Advanced Flash 4 and 5 tutorials


Nosepilot - Flash animation/art project. High quality music, artwork and animation. - Find, play, create, and share shocked entertainment, from cartoons and comics to music and games.

The Adventures of Holly Peno - In the fiery desert of Big Thirst, Texas, Holly Peno fights the scum of the scub to tame a wild land.

Alparaguay, web toons - Interesting high quality Flash animation from Spain.

Artificial Environments - Shorts - AE-Shorts is a collection of digital experiments: a visual investigation and evolutionary process catalogued and recorded within a 3-Dimensional interface. - Download free interactive flash movies, comic cartoons, humor and fun: "Dr. Rosy hot adventures", "The Snowboarder Vs...", "The Menagramo series" and more!

Blah75 - Experimental Shockwave site.

Brain Cel Animation - A collection of Flash animations by Rich Oakey.

Bullseye Art, Ltd. - Brand new insane animations every week. E-cards, contests and much more.

Bunsella - Macromedia Flash/Shockwave animated cartoons targeting all politically incorrect subjects.

The Cartoonists Guide to Drawing and Animating in Flash - Learn the art of drawing and animating using the standard tool for animating over the web. From animated Comic strips to full lenght feature films.

Chachoo - Indian site telecasting web episodes. The site includes collections of free greetings, comics and games.

Chaos Lounge - Underground, alternative animations and music, free Flash objects, sound loops and tutorials. - Cartoons - Crazy cartoons. Featuring Phil and Gil, the extra-testical terrestrials, and Hurly Burly, the beer drinking couch potato.

Clickrir - Amusing cartoons and animations in Flash including exotic birds of Brazil.

Coin Op City - Impressive 3D world and many different Flash games.

Crankbunny Movies Site - Glimpse into the future about the development of emotion when human and machine fully integrated into one.

Dank - Follow dank, as he takes you on an animated interactive journey.

Dfunked - Various Flash animations.

Digitalkomix - Interactive and self running animations using Flash technology plus digital and analogic artworks by Andrea "andywar" Guerra

Donny The Dinosaur - Short animated Flash movie

eMovie - Web site of visuals and sound effects: photos gallery, flash animations, movies clips and electronics musics. Video and graphics production.

Eruptor Entertainment - A original content site for Flash animation and gaming. The Marty Show, Foo, Jonni Nitro, as well as Games from Men in Black, and comics from Vagrant Story, Witchblade, Oddworld, in addition to Convention Coverage.

Feric - Former Fine artist Feric realized the fine art was not for him, and moved on to Graphic design and Animation. The site includes story board, character design, the visual art gallery and links collection.

Feveredminds - Original cartoons updated regularly. Meet Sausageman, Captain Uranus, Bif Savage, Lil' Johnny and many more crazy cartoons.

The Joe Cartoon Co - The Joe Cartoon Co. has specialized in the sick and wrong since March 20, 1961, 11:35 a.m. WARNING: This site is most certainly lacking in maturity and has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. If you are easily offended, please enter for your offendedness will bring Joe great pleasure.

Jumping Jokes - Interactive cut-out cartoons created with Flash, black humor in the manner of Terry Gilliam - Monty Python

Jun Choi - Shockwave cartoons

Karma Police - Cardboard Castle's preview of an animated cyberpunk cartoon action flick. - Cartoons and games. The humor is a little twisted, though.

MagicPen - Flash animations and cartoons

Man In a Box - Relativly simple Flash animations used for a daily performance with text and voice.

Melon Design - Interesting Flash art-animations.

Milko Music Machine - Create your own music video. A cool shockwave production.

Mister ZOB - Funny animations/cartoons of mister ZOB and his friends.

Monkeys & Robots Productions - "The Robot With Distended Intestines", "Elderly Steve", and more wacky shockwave flash animated cartoons.

Morphmaster - Off-beat Flash animations

2Mpeter - animated cartoons - Humourous cartoons depicting life in east Kent in England

Mr. Questionhead - A Flash animation site. Using Flash to simulate 2 motion with shape tweening. Flash cartoons.

Muffin Films - A dozen Flash animated films about baked goods. Delicious animation!

The Nasty Man And The Hedgehog - Watch a hedgehog die in a variety of amusing ways.

Nutrishnia - Shockwave enhanced art project. "Fortified new media. Making art for practice, not product."


Flash Kit Community - Well-supported forums helping developers with topics including actionscripts, jobs, scripting.

Flash Wizardz - Tutorials for Macromedia Flash, reviews of Flash games, movies, and websites. - Los Angeles Macromedia Flash & Shockwave Users Group

FlashForum by - Post your questions regarding Flash, talk to other flash developers, and post a link to your flash site.

FlashMove Flash Forum - Extensive Flash forums with discussions ranging from beginning topics to the advanced.

Flashwave HelpCenter - Outstanding forums covering developing and displaying Macromedia Flash.

FlashZone Community - Features extensive furums covering all aspects of Flash usage.

Tech Forums - Web development forums including Flash development and design.

Tek-Tips Flash Forum - Flash technical support forums and mutual help system for computer professionals. Selling and recruiting forbidden.



Macromedia - Source and center on the web for Shockwave, multimedia, graphics, and web authoring. - In-depth information, news and tools on the Flash file format (SWF) for Flash developers, C++ programmers and application developers working with the .SWF format on a low level. Includes Flash Software Development Kits (SDK) and complete description of the SWF format's source code and properties.

Flash Film Festival - Sponsored by the people who put on the FlashForward conferences. This site showcases amazing flash films as well as provides a forum for voting for your favorite Flash artists.

The FlashChallenge - The interactive flash site where you can always find the best flash sites along with reviews and the ability to rate your favorite sites.

Flashforward2001 Conferences - Flash conferences and Flash film festivals hold yearly in San Fransisco, New York and Europe.

Shockwave Rules - Historical description of Shockwave on the Web.


The Mile-High Table O'Products - Needing product or utility that works with Director to accomplish a particular task then look no further. This site has the Mile-High Table O'Products (both in HTML and new SHOCKWAVE format) which as the name suggests, is a mega-list of the most updatest application links. - Extensive knowledge base for multimedia developers. Hosted by some of the best Flash developers/designers/programmers. This forum includes chat, moderated discussion forums, tutorials and downloadable fla's, news and more. Probably the most up to date and advanced Flash resource site available today. (Requires Flash 5) - An online community for Macromedia Flash developers at all skill levels. We offer resources, tutorials, and a means of contact between developers. - Guide to Flash sites and resources.

Dayton Area Flash Users Group - A community of Macromedia Flash web designers and developers who learn by showcasing and exchanging their ideas and techniques.

Deconcept - Showing concepts in interaction design, experiments etc. Includes FLA files for download.

Director Web - Is the leading (yet unofficial) resource of tips, demos, and a listserve archive for users of Macromedia's Director software. - Number of tutorials and working examples of various functions used in flash animations.

eFlash Technologies - Service for webmasters offering full-featured, template-based Flash websites, without needing any knowledge of designing in Flash.

Flash 5 Actionscript - Code samples, tutorials, downloadable fla's covering a variety of Flash 5 actionscript topics.

Flash Master - Flash 4 resource site containing free Flash source files, animated step by step tutorials, sound and graphics, and message boards.

Flash Pro - Macromedia Flash Pro, tutorials, links and open source for flash animations and internetsites. For advanced and beginners.

Flash Site of the Day - Email list with a daily featured Macromedia Flash site.

Flashenabled - Mobile - Updated newsletter about mobile Flash media, including information about how to integrate Flash into mobile solutions. - provides resources on Macromedia Flash. Free Flash Templates, Tutorials, and FDK's are provided. We also have links to great flash sites and a growing reference Library.

Flashguru.DE - Flash-related links in many categories including tutorials, sound, games, cartoons, and special designs.

Flashguru.UK - Advanced Flash 5 source files, updated regularly with new inspirational links and news.

FlashJester - Enhancement for Macromedia's Shockwave Flash projector files. Creator, Jugglor, JTools, JStart, JAvi, JPrintor, JSave and Woof.

Flashkit - A growing Flash resource site with thousands of Flash SWF and FLA samples, including tutorials, images, clip art, sounds, links, reviews, news and games, and extensive chat forums. Submit your own designs, code, animations, and links and have them rated. Already over 100,000 members!

FlashLite - Tutorials, contests and Flash source files, regular contributors include Brandon Hall and Chrissy Rey.

Flashmagazine - The place to get reviews and info on Flash and other Vector based products. This free subscriber e-zine features; interviews with leading Flash developers, news reports, and upcoming events in the Flash scene. History of Flash is a 'must read'. - FlashPlanet has a resource search engine, open source flash files, tutorials as well as sounds for streaming movies.

FlashSitesWeekly - Flash Resources including Tutorials, Open Fla's, Music, and other Flash information - Get music for Flash. Download our free loops now and watch your creative project come to life.

Flashwave - Flash 4 developers hub with tutorials, sources, news and interviews; as well as other information and downloads for webmasters. - A free listing site for Flash designers to show work and exchange tips

Flashzing - Make custom Flash multimedia in minutes on the web. Subsidiary of Vertical Blue, the leaders in data driven flash technology. - Portal and web-based ezine covering the web's coolest Flash content. Looks at Flash, Live Motion and SVG content on the web.

GeoMagnet Flash Directory - A directory dedicated to websites created using Flash technology.

Goldhart Industries - A design and programming resource for Macromedia Flash developers, sesigners and programmers. Featuring samples of work from Richard Smallwood and source code for integrating your flash sites with php and MySQL.

Help 4 Flash - Contains a selection of open source .fla files for viewing or downloading.

House of Web Design - Bulletin board and advice for Shockwave web designers.

iMEDIA Builders Flash Products - iMB FlareExpress(tm) and FlareWorks(tm) are low-cost, easy to use applications for creating interactive buttons, menus, banners, slideshows, presentations, animations or websites in Macromedia Flash (SWF).

i-Technica whitestuff - Contains searchable archives of Flash postings, Flash tutorials and samples, and Flash actionscript references

JGenerator - A free generator of dynamic Flash content. Works in the same way as the Macromedia Generator does. It uses the same data format as the Macromedia Generator and works in online and offline modes. Will work with almost any servlet engine and on almost every platform. - An online Flash resource that provides useful tutorials, links, downloads, and support for all levels of Flashers.

KoolMoves Web Animation Software - Web animation authoring software that creates Shockwave Flash movies and frames for animated gifs. It has full-featured drawing tools and can import vector clipart, bitmaps, and sounds.

Loops-A-Gogo - Music loops for use in Flash animations. Unique interface with previews of each loop. All royalty free. Composed by Duke Leto

Macromedia Flash Support Center - Collection of tutorials, tips and forums, from the developers of Flash, Macromedia.

Mediaweb Productions Sound Archives - Free professional music loop samples for use with Macromedia Shockwave and Flash applications. Requires authorization.

Mobile Mutant - Offering dynamic content servers for Flash/SWF format. And PDA versions of Flash for PDAs such as Compaq Ipaq, Casio E115 and HP Jornada. - The author's and lecturer's own site for undocumented features of Flash, browser detection scripts, and other useful tidbits.

Motion 2K - Macromedia Flash 4 and 5 tutorials , Sound files, product reviews, Open Source FLA files, Interviews with top flash designers, fonts, forum, and more. Unique tutorials.

MRDC Online Sound - Music and sound effects for Flash, Shockwave and other digital media. - Offers professional music, sounds, and loops (some free) for use in your Macromedia Flash projects.

Netdiver Flash Centre - Contains Flash snapshot galleries, tutorials and resources, as well as a freelance community.

n0prel0ad - Flash resource including links, forum and downloadable Fla files, including a very realistic Flash calendar.

OpenSWF - Shockwave Flash File Format (SWF) Information for Programmers. Information on importing and exporting the SWF file format. Also includes Flash news and tools. - News and resource portal for Macromedia Flash. - Offers a growing database of interactive tutorials, geared towards visually teaching users Flash.

Quintus Flash Index - Extensive collection of links to thousands of Shockwave Flash sites. Visitors are encouraged to submit links and post their comments for each link.

serialflasher - Flash eZine. Requires Internet Explorer 5.0+ or Netscape 6.0+. - Presents users with the latest in Flash techniques, tutorials, a developer's arena and internet radio. - Become a Shockwave FLASH or Director resource of your own, or find, add and edit sites via your personal username and password. This search engine rivals the Open Directory itself in ease of use for unlimited editors!

Shockwave Security Alert - Lists potential privacy issues or security holes created by Shockwave and solutions for them. - Professional quality music loops, button sounds and sound effects for Flash- and web-sites, multimedia, etc. Some sounds are free, more available to purchase online with instant access.

SWF Source - SWF File Format Information and Open Source SWF SDK related materials. Tutorials, Docs, FAQs, links.

SwiffTOOLS - Collection of external software utilities which can add extra functionality or efficiency on top of a generic Flash or Shockwave movie.

Swift-Tools - Set of tools to manipulate Flash files. These currently include Swift Generator for creating dynamic Flash content, and Swift Inspector for viewing the contents of a Flash file.

SWiSH - Windows application that generates all kinds of Flash text effects automatically, including explode, squeeze, typewriter and wave. The generated effects can be imported into Flash. Only $30 for the full version. - Flash resource site updated everyday with the latest Flash resources and info.

theLinkz - Large collection of top quality shockwave and flash related content linkz in a well categorized pull down menu for ease of browsing. Many sections like; director and lingo, web info-mercials, 3D tools & resources, portfolio, experimental, tutorials, and generator.

V Splash - Create your own Flash or HTML website quickly, online from automated forms, without any knowledge of programming.

WDVL Flash -'s Flash Section features tutorials, resources and sites covering advanced Flash technology.

Webmonkey - Shockwave/Flash - Source for tutorials on Flash and Shockwave. Fairly in-depth lessons ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

Were-here - A free resource site devoted to the teaching, and promoting Macromedia Flash on the internet. A vast repository of Flash SWF and FLA samples, includes tutorials, image gallery, links, reviews, news and games, as well as extensive chat forums. Submit your own designs, code, animations that link back to your site.

Wildform - Internet media software company creating authoring tools, and streaming media products for developers, designers, and businesses.

Wildform SWfX - Simple SWF text animation tool including 100 effects. Users can customize the preprogrammed effects, or create their own in seconds.

Zonaflash Flash Resources - Flash Resources site in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. tutorials, downloads, source files, message board, news, articles, Flash related program reviews, and more.


Amanda Farr Portfolio - Flash, HTML, content and ASP.

Amit Bhowmik - Graphic artist, new media design, Bombay, India.

Antek Wodzynski - An interactive portfolio.

Arnold Biffna - A Los Angeles based multimedia designer specializing in Flash action script programming and animation.

Art Studio in a Box - Anti-boredom, anti-fashion multimedia work by London artist Glauce Cerveira.

Darren Spivey - Flash curriculum vitae of Darren Spivey, including design and animation.

Derek Nadler - The Flash portfolio of web and graphic designer Derek Nadler.

Digital Boy Design - Digital design in new media.

3DStorm - Dennis Bradshaw's 3D character animation and modeling.

E-bailey - Flash, illustration, and web designs.

Elysia Greening - Photographs, Flash animation, web design, video, and visual effects by UK visual artist Elysia Greening.

Emerald-Elephant - Cartoons, illustrations, interactive Flash, and web designs by Katie McCaskey.

The End - Words/images/music by multimedia artist Mr. Jones.

Ghostgroover - A portfolio of Flash animations and original music by Composer and Animator, Luuk Cox.

Holaso Graphics - Illustration, digital art, computer animation, and web interface design. - Lui Chuian Feng a personal homepage and portfolio. Willing to learn, Always.

icezfrine design - Ferine's portfolio, featuring graphic design, interactive design, animation and 3D models.

iilii new media - ("eye lie") is a visual investigation conceived, designed and implemented by j. nordberg.

Jack Zerby - Freelance web design portfolio.

Jason Kenison - Artwork and Flash animations.

Jason Redskin - Personal portfolio. - Jason Storti's Online Portfolio. Web design services available.

Jennifer Fujimoto - Graphic designs in print and interactive.

JeRm.NeT - Official site of JeRm, the web Designer (Flash, HTML, graphics).

Jonathan Andrade - Jonathan Andrade, a motion graphics designer.

Joshua Swanagon - Flash, Bryce 3D and web designs.

J's Gallery - A variety of animations, pencil and ink illustrations, computer graphics and photographs.

Justin Hoffman - Illustrations in several media.

Krista E. Mclean - Drawings, paintings and web design.

Kristen Greer - Multimedia and web design portfolio. Experience creativity through my eyes.

Kristopher Arias - Graphic and Web designs.

Lee Selvester - Contact information, curriculum vitae, examples of web, graphic, and Flash design.

Livemotion Studio - Livemotion tutorials, templates, resources, and design.

Marius Hartmann - Photos, Flash movies, paintings and drawings by Marius Hartmann.

Mark Horsell - Examples of work using Photoshop, Flash, 3DS Max, etc.

Matty Mariansky - Animation and multimedia designs.

Michael Simpson - Michael Simpson is an interactive developer of entertaining online games for advertising and promotion.

Motomichi Nakamura - Flash, Director and Animated GIF characters created by Motomichi Nakamura.

Mutatemultimedia - Design studio and portfolio of Leonard J. Bartush.

My Digital Portfolio - Robin Hicks' digital portfolio.

Napkindesign - George Silagadze Flash portfolio.

Nicol Huntington - Flash designs and other software such as Photoshop and Premiere.

Pablo Gargano - Flash, painting, photography, graphics, logos.

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