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Basic Aspects of Squeak and Smalltalk-80 Programming Language - Very nice getting started intro for Squeak. Shows how to use the UI and start programming in Smalltalk. Many Squeak screen captures showing what to do, and how. By Wolfgang Kreutzer.

Dave's Smalltalk FAQ - by David N. Smith (c) 1995/96.

Happy Squeaking!! - Tutorial. Japanese, with some tantalizing English words scattered about. Page author: Mr. Masashi Umezawa, one of the translators to Japanese of Simon Lewis' "The Art and Science of Smalltalk": "Saku saku Smalltalk".

Learning Smalltalk: VisualWorks - Link-based tutorial for learning Smalltalk via VisualWorks.

SQR: Squeak Smalltalk: A Quick Reference - Ad hoc collection of useful information for beginning and intermediate Smalltalkers who are just beyond the basics.

Making Smalltalk: Spreading the OO Fun - Linux Gazette (#59) series on object-oriented programming for people new to OO, or to programming. Goal: to not only introduce OO programming, but to also spread the fun of Smalltalking. Teaches Smalltalk generally via teaching Squeak. (November, 2000)

Linux Gazette (#51): Making Smalltalk with the Penguin - A quick tour of Smalltalk, via VisualWorks Non Commercial: VWNC. Goal: give an introduction to Smalltalk for Linux enthusiasts unfamiliar with it, and share some traits of this language that endears itself to so many programmers. (March, 2000)


Bot-Kit - Powerful, easy to use, Dolphin Smalltalk programming environment and robot control system, to use with LEGO MindStorms Robotics Invention System.

Cincom Smalltalk - Information on ObjectStudio, VisualWorks, VisualSmalltalk Enterprise; general Smalltalk information and success stories.

ENVY - OTI collaborative component development system for Smalltalk developer teams, tiny to vast. Supports concurrent development, shared repositories, version control, configuration management, distributed development process.

GemStone/S - Smalltalk application server, integrates well with Java, CORBA, relational databases.

GNU Smalltalk - Free Smalltalk-80 implementation; runs on most Unix types and most places a POSIX-compliance library exists. Unusually suited to scripting tasks and headless processing. Part of GNU Project of Free Software Foundation: FSF.

GNU Smalltalk Official Page - At very brief description, 8 links.

JavaSmalltalks: Bistro - A Smalltalk variant that runs atop a Java VM. A bistro is a place in France where people meet to share coffee and small talk. --Jean-François Cloutier

JavaSmalltalks: Smalltalk/JVM - Compiler to let Smalltalk run on any Java Virtual Machine, so Smalltalk and Java code can interact seamlessly, and Smalltalk code can run anywhere Java runs. Mission Software, Inc.

Minimal: Little Smalltalk - Free, very small Smalltalk, and topic of classic Addison-Wesley book 'A Little Smalltalk'; both by Timothy Budd, Oregon State University.

Minimal: Tiny Smalltalk - Download for VSTa operating system, tar file.

Object Arts: Dolphin Smalltalk - Product set based on a modern implementation of a Smalltalk development environment geared to producing software applications targeted at Microsoft Windows operating systems. Download free older versions, and software.

Object Connect: Smalltalk MT - High quality development tools for Windows market: innovative, high-performance, small runtime image, fully multithreaded. Interactive development environment with no sacrifice of runtime performance and deliverable size: compact, fast, royalty-free executables. From France.

PIC/Smalltalk - Custom Smalltalk variant for the PIC microcontroller to run the MicroSeeker autonomous underwater vehicle.

Pocket Smalltalk - At last: Smalltalk for PalmPilot. Open source development environment runs on Windows 95/98/NT. Cross-compiler generates executable .PRC files from Smalltalk source code.

Quasar Knowledge Systems, Inc. - New: SmalltalkAgents 3.0 Win95/98/NT! Sign up for free beta version.

Smalltalk Express - Free SmallTalk system for Windows 3.1: Smalltalk/V Win16 & WindowBuilder Pro/V.

Smalltalk/X - ST/X packages which are free for educational use. This server is not the server of the author or distributor of ST/X.

Smalltalk/X: ST/X - ST/X home at eXept Software AG.


Squeakland- Here the mouse roar; Squeak goes turbo! More than any website so far, this one implements the largest piece of the original Xerox PARC Learning Research Group's vision for programming and education. Free downloads: run Squeak from within your web browser (free plugin), software, program sharing/exchange areas, Alan Kay essay. Free, open source, open research, super portable, new Smalltalk-80-based language, written in itself, by Smalltalk's inventors, the (nomadic) original Xerox PARC, Alan Kay team, now founding the Learning Research Institute. Runs on many platforms, including Linux x86/PowerPC. "Next to universal access, malleability is the prime figure of merit for Squeak. It is our intention for Squeak to evolve." Now hybridized with the Self language's Morphic User Interface Toolkit.

Acorn Squeak - Artist, biker, motorcycle and code hacker, Tim Rowledge's fine port to Acorn and other StrongARM units, Corel's NetWinder Linux box (with Craig Latta), and Compaq/DEC Itsy micro hand-held linux PDA.

Advantive Associates Squeak Pages - Several downloads and demos: ExternalByteArray, Constraint Framework, Asynchronous Messaging Demonstration, Session Management; ActiveX Example, Andreas' Plugin and ActiveX demo download area; a few links.

BeSqueak: BeOS Squeak Port - Smalltalk for BeOS.

Browse Squeak Now - Are you patient? You can browse Squeak, now, from most Web browsers! Try Squeak *before* you download. Preview the latest changes! Not finished yet, but seriously slick. What other programming language lets you do this?

Cetus Links: Squeak

Cheese - Boris G. Chr. Shingarov's version of Squeak, to let Squeak use native resources of modern GUI systems, while not sacrificing portability, not only among such systems, but preserve BitBlt for systems that need it, like DOS.

CREATE Squeak Smalltalk Page - A Squeak information page at the "Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology (CREATE)," Dept. of Music, UC Santa Barbara.

Dandelion - Smalltalk code analysis/output framework for Squeak. Analyze code and output results in varied formats.

DOS Squeak - Native DOS port of older Squeak, by Chris Grindstaff, AppliedReasoning.

Embedded Squeak, and speech synthesizer - From Kurtz-Fernhout Software: version 1.0 for Squeak 2.2, by Paul Fernhout. ZIP file has standalone EXE file to run Squeak in Win95 text-only console, and all source code (VC++ 5.0, Squeak 2.2) to produce it. Uses Squeak license.

ESUG: European Smalltalk User Group - Holder of famous Smalltalk Summer Schools.

ESUG Summer School - by Ian Piumarta. Lessons on Squeak and Jitter. Postscript format slide presentation.

FTP site: France, INRIA - Squeak UNIX ports.

FTP site: Germany, U of Karlsruhe - Get the 1 disk Squeak demo, like the famous QNX demo, in /demo directory.

FTP site: Germany, U of Magdeburg - Squeak Windows Ports.

FTP site: USA, UCSB CREATE - Most Squeak ports and packages, home of Siren music system.

FTP site: USA, UIUC - Many Squeak ports: old to new; Mac, Unix, Win32/CE.

FTP site: USA, UIUC Squeak goodies library - Many system extensions, applications.

Georgia Tech Squeakers - Shiny new, high performance G.T. Squeakers describe their new projects, from multimedia authoring to advanced Swiki types. Vrooommm!

Golgi Outliner - by Michal Starke. Many fine features including expanding entries via Macintosh-finder-like tipping triangles.

Goodies and Toys - Wide selection of free VisualWorks software ported to Squeak by Satoshi Nishihara. Many were first coded by Atsushi Aoki.

Goodies by Pope - STP's Version12 Goodies Collection: Loads of new tools and system class extensions.

Hans-Martin Mosner Squeak page

Ian Piumarta - Ports Squeak to many Unix OSs. Develops Squeak virtual machine: VM. Researcher with Laboratoire d'Informatique de l'Université de Paris 6: LIP6. 'External collaborator' with project SOR of INRIA Rocquencourt. Leads technical research and development of joint LIP6/INRIA virtual VM project.

MailList: eGroups: powertalk - eGroups powertalk mail archive: Smalltalk general discussion emphasizing Squeak. Much Italian content.

MailList: eGroups: Squeak - eGroups squeak mail archive.

MailList: Squeak MailArchive - Searchable archive of the last 400 days of the main Squeak email list.

MailList: UIUC Squeak Mail Index - See what users and developers write about Squeak.

MathMorphs - New project where we combine Mathematics and Smalltalk. Our goal: explore and promote use of Squeak and Morphic as a major tool in mathematics work.

MuSwiki - Swiki-like system using Morphic objects instead of HTML, pages look the same in any browser, content can contain arbitrary Smalltalk code behind the scenes.

OOPSLA 1999 trip report

OOPSLA 2000 Trip Report - OOPSLA 2000 trip report by Squeaker John Macintosh includes coverage of Camp Smalltalk 3 (CS3).

Russ' Smalltalk et. al. Page - Small page for amateur smalltalker's like me. I have been climbing the smalltalk learning curve for a little while and I will occasionally place smalltalk code on my site. I'll answer any beginner level smalltalk questions put to me or I will find someone else who can answer.

Siren 2.2 Outline - Squeak sound/music tools.

SmallInterfaces - Smalltalk extension for Squeak, introduces the notion of 'interface' in Smalltalk, first developed by Benny Sadeh.

Squeak 2.2 Outline - System description and release notes.

Squeak Documentation Swiki - Pages of information useful to first-time users of Squeak, more so Version 2.2.

Squeak FAQ: new - Swiki-based Squeak FAQ: new as of 1999.08.30.

Squeak Online Book - Torsten Bergmann has begun a detailed Squeak Online Book. Already covers many basic topics including Morphic, and scripting.

Squeak Shares Soar! - A handful of Squeak goodies and links by Helge Horch.

Squeak: The Great Return - Train kept a rollin', Novice kept a Squeakin'. Cool Japanese site, y'all; by Satoshi Nishihara. Free goodies, and the fascinating "Squeak Scale: Let it grow: brief comparison of class library".

SqueakDoc - The most official Squeak documentation, as official as it gets. Password controlled Swiki.

Squeaking... - Information for Smalltalk novices on how to get up to speed in Smalltalk. Mostly a collection of prized mailing list notes and some small hacks.

SqueakNOS on mathMorphs Swiki - Squeak No OS: project to 'get rid of the OS under Squeak, and implement all needed functionality in Smalltalk.' In other words, a Squeak OS.

SqueakNOS on SourceForge - Downloads here, and all the other fine SourceForge services.

SqueakOS: bootable diskette - SqueakOS fits on one (1!) 3.5 inch bootable floppy diskette with graphics development and experimental environment. This is a different project than SqueakNOS.

Steps to install Skins into Squeak - by Steve Wessels.

Swiki about Squeak - Squeak Wiki 2. Mark Guzdial's Squeak Wiki Server, written in Squeak; at Georgia Tech.

Swiki Swiki - Swiki about Swikis: A place to write on Swikis as technology, place, tool. Here we test structures to use in other Swikis, discuss Swikis and its underlying Pluggable WebServer (PWS) and about what to do with them. We have a PWS Admin Utility, first results of Swiki student surveys, and PWS and Swiki FAQ.

The Swiki SWIKI Front Page - This is a place to talk about Swiki. Consider this a sandbox to play around with the ideas. You'll find people testing structures here that they use in other Swikis, discussing Swikis, and thinking about what to do with these things.add things here.

Ted Kaehler Home Page - One of Smalltalk's original core creators, and Squeak team member, speaks out. A warm, friendly page. Diverse topics: from Smalltalk philosophy, to alternative schooling, to nanotechnology.

ThingLab for Squeak

Tyrrell's Squeak page - Tyrrell's no tyro, though his page is! New page; little there now, except his personal downloads. More to come.

UCSB CREATE Squeak Smalltalk Page - University of California Santa Barbara, Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology. Potent music tools for Smalltalk. Original mail list archive.

What's Squeak? Squeak Introduction Page! - Japanese pages with extensive links in English.

Whisker: The O-O Stacking Browser - New object-oriented code browser for Squeak Smalltalk environment: gives simple, intuitive way to view contents of multiple classes/methods at once, uses screen space efficiently, needs little window moving/resizing, via introducing concept of subpane stacking. Principles may be used in browsers for other OO languages.

Who's Who - Fast growing (over 160) list of Squeak's community.

Zaurus PDA Squeak - Yoshiki Ohshima's got Squeak running on Sharp's Zaurus! He researches computer languages at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Mathematical and Computing Science, Sassa Laboratory.

OS News: Features: The Squeak Evolution - Introductory piece: history, some basic features explained, some comparison to other languages. (October 27, 1999)

Wired 7.07: Street Cred: Exquisite Computing (July, 1999)

ZDNet: Making a little noise about Squeak - by Erica Schroeder. Ziff-Davis notices Squeak. (December 22, 1998)

Wired News: The Mouse that Squeaked (December 15, 1998)


Websites! - Devoted to promoting Smalltalk by offering compelling examples of its use in the form of free services, applets, source code. See Monty Klamath's site (below) for why Smalltalk is so useful in IST work.

Bytesmiths Smalltalk Information - Much Smalltalk information: full text of many publications and tutorial slides; description of a suite of team productivity tools for VisualWorks Smalltalk and ENVY/Developer, The Bytesmiths Toolkit; information on Smalltalk consulting services. One of the Web's earliest Smalltalk sites: begun 1994.

CMPnet TechWeb TechEncyclopedia: Smalltalk - Great resource: over 11,000 definitions.

Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd. - Nearly 500 pages of Smalltalk: experience, real world experiences, stories, OOPLSA trip reports, information on Smalltalk garbage collection theory, directory for consultants. Smalltalk - This site monitors new releases of software for Linux, once a day. Get Smalltalk for Linux.

Hello, World program - Smalltalk

History, Background - Highlights, early days, at Smalltalk Industry Council.

An Intro to Smalltalk - By Randy Best.

Links: Brad Appleton's Smalltalk Links - Some 70 categorized links.

Links: Cetus Links: Smalltalk - Has a whale logo, and well it should: near 20,000 categorized links on objects and components. Very comprehensive. Do it.

Links: Little Language List: Smalltalk - Short list of some of today's vital Smalltalk links.

Links: Panasoft Smalltalk Links - Need *Many* categorized Smalltalk links? This page won't disappoint.

Linux Programming: Smalltalk

List of useful Smalltalk selectors - A quick-reference list of useful Smalltalk selectors (for Smalltalk/X documentation but helpful with other Smalltalks, also). This list helps you find existing Smalltalk methods that can get your job done efficiently.

MailList: eGroups: PocketSmalltalk - eGroups PocketSmalltalk mail archive (pocketstug): a Smalltalk-80 for small devices.

MailList: eGroups: Smalltalk-80 - eGroups Smalltalk-80 mail archive.

Monty Kamath's GoodStart: Smalltalk Information - News, who uses it, dialects, tutorials, FAQs, books, links, great questions, polls, jobs, recruiters, interview jeopardy. Smalltalk's unofficial home.

OOPSLA'96 Electronic Information Hotline - 11th Annual ACM Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications.

PC Webopaedia: Smalltalk - Defines the term 'Smalltalk', lists some links where you can find more information. Concise.

The Smalltalk Brewery, Inc. - VisualWorks performance tuning, mentoring, training: we attack and fix the underlying source/cause of 80% of the performance problems attributed to Smalltalk: Procedural Object Oriented Programming: POOP.

Smalltalk Chronicles - Free online Smalltalk magazine published by The Object People, Inc.

Smalltalk FAQ, Tutorials - Links to various Smalltalk FAQ's and tutorials.

SmallTalk Industry Council: STIC - An authority of sorts, for Smalltalk users and prospects interested in many larger issues: standards, history.

Smalltalk Online Books - Torsten Bergmann's set of Smalltalk related texts, available as Online Books. Each book covers a special Smalltalk system, one is on Squeak.

Smalltalk Programming - Information, and many useful links of many types: documents, advocacy, environments, implementations, design patterns, more.

Smalltalk Systems: Smalltalk Links

Smalltalk Webring - Tools to join and navigate the Smalltalk Webring.

Smalltalk Wiki - Editable information about the Smalltalk programming language. - New, one-stop source for Smalltalk links and information.

TUNES project: Smalltalk - Brief, insightful review of Smalltalk.

UIUC Smalltalk Archive - Big, famous Smalltalk software repository at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Why Smalltalk? - The goal of this website is to help answer this very complex question. There are very many features in Smalltalk that combine to make it the best.

WikiWorks - Wiki's home at UIUC. Several Wikis with much useful information on several Smalltalk topics.

Design Principles Behind Smalltalk - Dan Ingalls' centerpiece article from the historic, August 1981, BYTE magazine, Smalltalk special issue. (August, 1981)


AIDA/Web - Open Source, Smalltalk Web application server: web server and framework for dynamic Internet/Intranet applications, in pure VisualWorks.

CodeCrawler - Language-independent (Smalltalk, Java, C++, Ada) reverse engineering tool written in VisualWorks Smalltalk.

David Gorisek's Smalltalk page - Add-ons for Dolphin Smalltalk. OmniBase: multi-user object-oriented database for large amounts of data, up to 250 users at once. Source Tracking System: source code configuration management tool like ENVY and Team/V for professional team development.

Dolphin Smalltalk Resources - Annotated list of sites where you can find code for Dolphin Smalltalk. Dozens of links so far.

DoME: Domain Modeling Environment - Honeywell Smalltalk program. Extensible system for graphically developing, analyzing and transforming models of systems and software. Fully functional, tested, documented, and free, distributed under GNU General Public licenses. Native Smalltalk: VisualWorks.

Eiffel-like Assertions and Private Methods in Smalltalk - Assertions are considered one of the more useful and advanced aspects of Eiffel, and they are simple to implement.

Jun for Smalltalk - Free Software: 3D Graphics Library with topology and geometry. OpenGL graphics layer for Smalltalk.

MinneStore - Free object-oriented database management system for Dolphin Smalltalk/98, Visual Smalltalk, VisualAge Smalltalk, VisualWorks Smalltalk, Squeak. Provides storage and retrieval of complex Smalltalk objects.

Mission Software, Inc. - Smalltalk/JVM, Smalltalk compiler for the Java virtual machine, lets Smalltalk run on any JVM, makes 100% Java class files. Business OS, easy, scalable, distributed application development with VisualAge Smalltalk.

Obdobion Corp. - Makes Styler: Each developer views code in a format with which they are most comfortable, but code in the library does not change; and EMan: application, a group of Smalltalk classes that directly supports POP3, SMTP, MIME 1.0 Email standards of the Internet.

SmallInterfaces - The concept of an interface is central to object-oriented methodologies, most commonly referred to as Type. An interface is an abstract type, a class is a concrete type. An interface specifies a set of messages, a class implements a set of messages. The concept of interface is orthogonal to that of class.

ST3D - by Creative Computing, Inc. Smalltalk-based toolkit for making 3D applications such as games, simulations, modelers; with Dolphin Smalltalk.

TOPLink - Bridges the gap between object and relational technology. Available for Smalltalk, Java, and GemStone. A potent tool when you must access relational data with object-oriented applications.

User Groups

BSUG: Belgian Smalltalk User Group - Big group: survey, schedule, job postings, sponsors, more.

Canada: TSUG: Toronto Smalltalk User Group - Job postings, links, history, members.

Canada: VSUG: Vancouver Smalltalk Users Group - Vancouver.Smalltalk.Org(tm).

CISTUG: Central Illinois Smalltalk User Group

COOUG: Connecticut Object Oriented Users Group, Inc. - Big group: sponsors, SIGs, door prizes, links.

COTUG: Cincinnati Object Technology Users Group - Cin Obj Tech Users Group, was Cincinnati (Cincy) Smalltalk Users Group.

COTUG: Cleveland Object Technology Users Group

CSTUG: Chicago Smalltalk Users' Group

CSTUG: Colorado Springs Smalltalk User's Group

DCSTUG: Washington DC Area Smalltalk Users Group - Camp Smalltalk link, job postings, resources, other user groups, history, Wiki.

ESUG: European Smalltalk Users Group - Newsletter, summer school, links.

GOSTUG: Golden (Colorado) Smalltalk Users Group

GSUG: German Smalltalk Users Group - Good software and demonstrations understandable to any Smalltalk user as source code is English, little other English.

HUG: Heartland User's Group: Smalltalk Special Interest Group - Overland Park, Kansas, south of Kansas City.

KCSmalltalk: Kansas City Smalltalk Users Group

MASTUG: Massachusetts Smalltalk Users Group

New Orleans Smalltalk Users Group

NJSUG: New Jersey Smalltalk Users Group

NYC Smalltalk Developers Group - Big group: sponsors, links.

NYSTUG: New York Smalltalk Users Group - Yahoo Groups.

pocketstug: Pocket Smalltalk User Group - Yahoo Groups: for PalmPilot Smalltalk-80 implementation.

Puget Sound Smalltalk & Object-Oriented Database User Group - Agenda, message archive, good descriptions, links, software, vendors, resources, good user group list. User Groups Page

SSUG: Swiss Smalltalk User Group - On Wiki: mail list, job postings, next talk, events, Smalltalk developing firms.

St. Louis Smalltalk Users Group

Sugar - Smalltalk User Group of Argentina.

TASUG: Triangle Area Smalltalk Users Group - Promoting Smalltalk in the Research Triangle Area and Beyond: calendar, newsletter, jobs links, members, library.

Twin Cities Object Technology User Group - Smalltalk SIG Home Page; host: Real Smalltalk, Inc.

UIUC Smalltalk/Patterns Group - At Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Applied Reasoning - Company doing product development, consulting, and training using Smalltalk and Java.

Applied Thought Corp. - Specialty: pure object-oriented software consulting, design, and development services. If you need Smalltalk programmers, Applied Thought is highly qualified. Download our game for your Palm Pilot.

ChiMu Corp. - Develops software and provides various consulting and training services, for Java and Smalltalk, to help build better information systems. Specialty: high-quality, object-oriented architectures and frameworks.

Crafted Smalltalk - A supplier of quality tools for the smalltalk developer.

eXept Software AG - Home of Smalltalk/X, and other products and services.

Genify: Smalltalk MT - Compiled Smalltalk. Design and deploy fastest Smalltalk applications available, head-to-head with C/C++, no compromise. Many samples, subscription library for serious development. Build Web servers, free-threaded COM components, multi-threaded DLLs and EXEs, games using DirectX library. Access APIs, callbacks, COM components directly from development environment.

Georg Heeg: Object-Oriented Systems - Cost-cutting via Object-Orientation! Since 1987. In English, Swiss, Deutsch.

IC&C GmbH: Solutions for Smalltalk, Java - ICC has many types of services and products for Smalltalk and Java™: Free Software, development system distribution, training, project support, and "revolutionary" products.

Intuitive Systems Group - Highly successful group specialising in creating high performance, graphics oriented applications, in financial services, marketing, and sales. Free business-programming White Papers. They may use Dolphin Smalltalk for some projects???

Smalltalk Systems - Supplier of VisualAge Smalltalk add-on tools including VA Assist Pro, WindowBuilder Pro and several WidgetKits. A division of Instantiations, Inc.

Starbase Corp. - Formerly ObjectShare, Inc., and ParcPlace-Digitalk, Inc., where Smalltalk began. Since 1983, has become world class solution provider for distributed enterprise development. Successful systems in over 60 Fortune 100 firms; over 13 major vertical markets. Now advancing network computing.

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